Privacy Policy

Anti-Spam Policy

We believe electronic messaging is a compelling tool for sending useful and on-demand information. We are opposed to the sending of unsolicited messages. We respect the privacy of others and understand that spamming is a big concern.

We support a stringent anti-spam policy as outlined below. If you feel you have been spammed, please contact customer support or follow any of the three steps at the bottom of this page.

Anti-Spam Policy

Our system allows our customers to send email and/or SMS to their subscribers, clients or prospects who have given permission for their email address or cell phone number to be used for such communication. Under our Terms of Use, we will not allow our customers to use our service for unsolicited email or SMS. By definition, an email or SMS is spam if the email or SMS is commercially-related, and:

  • The recipient's personal identity and context are irrelevant because the message is equally applicable to many other potential recipients.
  • The recipient has not verifiably granted deliberate, explicit, and permission for it to be sent.
  • The transmission and reception of the message appears to the recipient to give a disproportionate benefit to the sender.


  • We do not send spam.
  • We do not knowingly do business with any company or person that sends spam.
  • We do not sell or trade personal information we gather from prospects or clients.

And we do not tolerate the sending email or SMS that:

  • Has been sent through a protected computer without authorization, either by initiating the sending through the protected computer or by using the protected computer to relay the email or SMS.
  • Contains false or invalid header information.
  • Contains false or invalid domain name information.
  • Contains false, invalid or misleading information in the subject line or the body of the email or SMS.
  • Is sent through domain names or email addresses that have been set up to obscure the identity of the individual sending the email or SMS.
  • Otherwise obscures the true source or origin of the email or SMS.

"If we suspect a violation of our Anti-spam policy, we will contact the Client and discuss the Client options, which may range from a warning, to termination of service for that Client. To the best of our knowledge, our system adheres to Australian laws regarding sending unsolicited bulk / group text messages."
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